Shibui Knits

Pattern Editing

As the primary pattern editor, I coordinate with the designer and technical editors to ensure the clearest, most accurate pattern text possible, and maintain the company’s pattern style guide. I also work with the design team to ensure appropriate photos are selected and edited, and a suitable schematic created based on the designer’s original drawings. When the pattern text has been finalized, I import the text, images, and schematic into layout, and oversee the proofreading process. I oversaw the FW17 and SS18 collections from start to finish, oversaw the majority of the SS17 collection, and was responsible for the final stages of editing for the FW16 collection.

Sample Knitting

I am also responsible for overseeing the test and sample knitting process for Shibui Knits patterns, including sending out materials for the samples and creating invoices. I maintain a roster of sample knitters who produce samples to precise specifications, while also testing the patterns for errata. This process is most successful with regular communication, so I check in regularly for progress updates and work-in-progress photos.

Online Tutorials


The Shibui Knits knitting techniques tutorial page is one of the projects I’m most proud of completing during my time with Shibui Knits. For each tutorial, I clarified copy based on text included in pattern techniques section, took photographs illustrating each step of the process, edited the photos, and organized text and images within the website’s CMS. The techniques page and its subpages are among the most visited pages on the Shibui Knits website.

Marketing Support

Because Shibui Knits is a relatively small company, I also assist with marketing copy, including pattern descriptions and social media posts for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I’ve also written blog posts for Shibui Knits’ sister company, Knit Purl; some of my favorite posts include: